What Is An Anxiety Trap

What Is An Anxiety Trap

In my experience, an anxiety trap is the worst place you can find yourself. It is akin to being in orbit around a black hole, going round and round whilst teetering on the edge of the event horizon.

Often occurring immediately after a serious anxiety attack, an anxiety trap is when your anxiety is feeding and growing on itself. The initial anxiety attack is so terrifying, so traumatising, that there is an immense fear of experiencing another. Putting it simply, an anxiety trap is when you begin having anxiety attacks about anxiety attacks.

For someone who has never experienced this state, it will sound absurd. For those stuck inside an anxiety trap, it means waking up in the morning with a feeling like something is wrong. The mind races into overdrive and it is only a matter of seconds before the experience of the recent anxiety attack is recalled by the memory.

The memory almost instantly triggers a feeling of dread and worry, accompanied by a migraine. These feelings and the migraine will last throughout the day, right up until sleep at night.

Sleep is usually broken, and the morning has nothing to offer except tiredness and a repeat of anxiety about anxiety.

Anxiety traps can last as long as twelve months. It is hard to imagine being locked in this state for such a long time, however, once in the trap, it is extremely difficult to free oneself.