Best Anxiety Drops

Best Anxiety and Stress Drops

Made from natural ingredients, these liquid stress busters are great at taking the edge off anxiety when you need it most.

Unlike krill oil tablets which are taken daily with food, anxiety drops are designed to be taken only when needed, most commonly before bed, in order to relax the mind and improve sleep quality.

Other use cases include taking the drops prior to job interviews and meetings, especially common for people who suffer from social anxiety. While the drops will not eliminate the anxiety, they will make it bearable and the experience less traumatic.

If you suffer from a general anxiety disorder, that is, your base anxiety level is elevated all of the time, then I highly recommend krill oil tablets first, and then anxiety drops on top of that only when you need it.

If you do not suffer from general anxiety, do not suffer panic attacks and are only feeling stressed during certain situations, such as public speaking or job interviews, then anxiety drops by themselves are likely all you need to both reduce stress and increase your performance.

Depending on which brand you select, the drops are taken either under the tongue or mixed in with a drink such as water or orange juice.

The most convenient brands are those which can be taken under the tongue, as they can be carried in your pocket and be taken anywhere, at anytime, as needed.

The ingredients of anxiety drops vary greatly from brand to brand, however almost all are made from plant products, which is great if you are like me and have a strong dislike of drugs. Being natural means there is typically little to no side effects, and no risk of addiction, which is a common problem with prescription drugs.

Anxiety drops that are intended to assist with anxiety induced sleeping disorders often contain valerian root. Valerian root is sometimes referred to as nature’s valium and is likely to make you feel drowsy. This is great if you’re wanting a good nights sleep, not so good if you are driving or need to perform at work. If you are intending to use the drops to assist in your day to day activities and not for sleeping, select a brand that does not contain this ingredient.