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My name is Mike, and I am a survivor of anxiety. I describe myself as a survivor rather than a sufferer because after 40 years, I have managed to overcome and conquer this debilitating affliction.

A single anxiety or panic attack can trigger months of trauma and depression. It can leave you feeling chained in a dark room, where you cannot eat without being sick, and with a splitting migraine from the moment you wake, to the moment you sleep.

Overcoming anxiety was not a single battle, but a war, and one I ultimately had to fight alone. People who have not experienced anxiety, real anxiety, will never understand the pain or the effort that is required to get through each day.

My experience of being unable to turn to anyone, including both doctors and psychologists, for real help and understanding, is what motivated my creation of this blog. In it I plan to share all the treatments that I found to be beneficial, as well as my own anxiety story, which you may relate to.

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Mike Anxiety

My Story

These are my anxiety stories. They give an insight to my personal battles with anxiety, which may help you not feel so alone.

Anxiety Treatments


In my war against anxiety, I have over several decades tested many different forms of treatment, from mindfulness to naturopathy.

Anxiety Quotes


My favorite anxiety quotes on inspiring backgrounds. Set as your PC or phone background to train your mind to think positive!

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